Thursday, November 19, 2015

Santa Beards and Doll Hair

Karakul Wool Locks for Santa Beards and Doll Hair

Karakul Wool Locks in Natural White

Great Wool Locks for Santa Beards and Doll Hair in La Tea Da Designs Etsy Shop only $4.95 per ounce.  Can ship anywhere in the world.  Locks are also hand dyed in other colors for doll hair and spinning and felting projects.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fibonacci Baby Afghan

Finished another project! Yay! A baby afghan for a gift for a baby coming soon. I make up most of my own patterns....I'm one of these fiber artists that likes to create as I go along.

My friend that is having a baby doesn't like the typical pink and blue baby colors so I created this using a golden sun yellow combined with an aqua teal kind of color and intermingling white stripes...It gives the warmth of the sun and the ocean tropics with white clouds in the sky kind of coloration...something from nature to go along with the Fibonacci numbering found in nature. This is a stripe creation that I made using Fibonacci numbering. She also doesn't like to know ahead of time if she is having a girl or a boy so these colors work for both!

At first I started crocheting this and almost had it completed...then I decided I didn't like the way it turned out after all so I unraveled it and started all over again. This time I decided to knit it using size 17 circular knitting needles with a 60" cable...I had these knitting needles especially made for me made with a special cable so it wouldn't twist all up like so many of them do. Now this company where I get them from has them in their line of knitting needles!

I decided to double this baby afghan so it is nice and thick. I secured it with little yarn ties like I use when I am making quilts out of fabric. Then I crocheted an edge all around to give it a nice border. It is so soft and cushy like a pillow in the clouds! My friend likes things that are easy to wash so I made this with Homespun - Lion Brand Yarn. I think she's going to love it and so will her new baby! I might even make a little baby hat to match!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My New Hand Knit Faroe Shawl

I haven't posted on my blog for so long! I thought I'd take a minute to post this beautiful shawl I'm currently working on in between knitting a baby afghan for my vet...her baby is due in June and I wanted to get an early start!

A friend of mine has been promising this Faroe Shawl pattern to me for three something years and it has been hiding deep in the catacombs of her brain...incubating all these years...well... it finally hatched about a week ago at our Barnes & Noble weekly Knitting Group. I found this gorgeous wool boucle fingering weight yarn in my "Stash Mountain". (I love having my own "yarn stash" where I can shop anytime I want to create something with yarn other than yarn that I hand spin!) I had forgotten that I even had this and Wallah! It is a huge skein with 1440 yards on it so there will be plenty to make this the perfect length. I bought this yarn from Cherry Tree Hill about three or four years ago. It is from their Oceania group and the colorway is called Cabin Fever. I'm knitting this on size 6 circular Addi Turbo needles with a 60" cable so it will probably take me awhile to complete it! I usually knit with large needles using thick thin or bulky weight hand spun yarn for my one of a kind fiber art projects...I'm one of these people that likes quick results so I haven't tackled things like socks and other projects that use those really tiny needles or lace weight of these days...maybe....

I'm looking forward to seeing how this shawl is going to turn out. I'm planning on keeping this one for myself, although many times people see some of the things I make for myself and they literally buy them off my back so I may have to sew this one to my body!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More La Tea Da Designs, Golden Browne Llamas Ranch and Me!

.....Once a true "City Girl"originally from the a beloved "Country Girl" who lives on our wonderful llama/alpaca ranch in the High Desert of Southern California. We have horses, poultry, golden retrievers, kitties and all kinds of other wonderful animals in addition to our llamas! One of our horses even pulls a carriage...A Surrey with Fringe on Top!

We are able to give our daughter a rich education with many unique experiences by homeschooling her in this wonderful part of the Mohave Desert.

We enjoy abundant wildlife, gorgeous desert wildflowers, plenty of hiking trails nearby, and a beautiful view of snow capped mountains in the winter. All of these treasures in nature bring me inspiration in my creativity.

I hand make One-of-a-Kind Fiber Art Designs - Limited Editions and no two are alike! Unique wearable art that looks something like you might find on Rodeo Drive in California or in a New York Boutique.

I create beautiful hand knit, hand woven, hand crocheted scarves, hats, shawls, afghans, handbags, belts, tea cozies, wall hangings, and more, out of luxurious natural fibers and synthetic ribbons and yarns that I individually hand select for color and texture.

Sometimes I embellish my creations with beads, buttons and unique synthetic designer yarns and ribbons. I also create many beautiful hand felted and needle felted designs.

I offer beautifully hand dyed roving and unique hand spun fiber art yarns on occasion! Check back often in my shop on Etsy to see my new additions. I have a nice selection of Fall 2008 Preview items available now.

All of my creations are made in a smoke free cat friendly environment and are usually created while sipping a cup of a favorite herbal tea!

I had a friend of mine, Paige McGrath, who is the editor of a popular llama magazine, Llama Life II, design my banner and avatar for my etsy shop with my favorite things in mind....llamas, spinning, knitting and sipping a cup of herbal tea! She does such a great job drawing these fabulous llama cartoon characters in her magazine!

I'm so glad I learned how to spin. A group of us get together up in the mountains in Wrightwood and bring our latest projects to work on. Sometimes I'm spinning, knitting, crocheting, or weaving on my Ashford Knitter's Loom...and of course sipping herbal tea!

Several of us "Fiber Fiends" Home Schooling Parents gather and work on our creations while the kids enjoy outdoor activities on "Park Day" or you might even find us in the Barnes and Noble Cafe area or the Food Court working on our creations in the local Mall. Sometimes we even hang out at a local Star Bucks.

We grab every chance we can get to spend time doing what we love and is relaxing!

My newest venture is now learning how to make a Blog!

My friend, Collette, who has been very successful selling her hand-spun and hand dyed yarns along with roving and unique creative items encouraged me to start a shop on Etsy and to make a blog! If it wasn't for her, none of this would have happened! Take a look at what she creates at Lazy Perry Ranch on the right column of my blog.