Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fibonacci Baby Afghan

Finished another project! Yay! A baby afghan for a gift for a baby coming soon. I make up most of my own patterns....I'm one of these fiber artists that likes to create as I go along.

My friend that is having a baby doesn't like the typical pink and blue baby colors so I created this using a golden sun yellow combined with an aqua teal kind of color and intermingling white stripes...It gives the warmth of the sun and the ocean tropics with white clouds in the sky kind of coloration...something from nature to go along with the Fibonacci numbering found in nature. This is a stripe creation that I made using Fibonacci numbering. She also doesn't like to know ahead of time if she is having a girl or a boy so these colors work for both!

At first I started crocheting this and almost had it completed...then I decided I didn't like the way it turned out after all so I unraveled it and started all over again. This time I decided to knit it using size 17 circular knitting needles with a 60" cable...I had these knitting needles especially made for me made with a special cable so it wouldn't twist all up like so many of them do. Now this company where I get them from has them in their line of knitting needles!

I decided to double this baby afghan so it is nice and thick. I secured it with little yarn ties like I use when I am making quilts out of fabric. Then I crocheted an edge all around to give it a nice border. It is so soft and cushy like a pillow in the clouds! My friend likes things that are easy to wash so I made this with Homespun - Lion Brand Yarn. I think she's going to love it and so will her new baby! I might even make a little baby hat to match!

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